Ron Gibson Mountain Dulcimers

To order a custom dulcimer please email or text or leave a message at 740-262-2660

Purchasing a Dulcimer or Accessories with Payments

It seems for the average person money is increasingly hard to come by these days. What little we earn, we rarely get to keep. With such a large percentage of income spent on living expenses, there is little left for discretionary spending on important things like dulcimers. This is an intolerable situation!

So to make it easier for you to purchase a quality dulcimer and accessories, I offer a payment plan similar to layaway or 90 days same as cash. The terms are simple.

Just call or email to place your order. Make a reasonable down payment ( ≥ $35) to hold the order. Then give me a timeframe of when you expect to make payments or pay off the order. The order ships as soon as the final payment is made. There are no fees or interest charges.

If for some reason you have to cancel your order I will refund your money minus 15% to cover transaction fees, lost sales opportunities and carrying costs. This is not a penalty; but I don’t think it would be fair to ask me to lose money for making this payment option available. Also, you cannot substitute a different dulcimer than the one you originally ordered.

So in the end, you get a great, affordable dulcimer and I have an excuse to build more!

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