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Soundholes can greatly enhance the beauty of a dulcimer, but do not significantly affect the dulcimer's sound unless they remove too much of the top.  Soundholes that are too large or intricate can also weaken the top. Below are some of the soundhole patterns I have developed over the years.  However, if you do not see a particular pattern that you like, I encourage you to participate in the building process by submitting your own soundhole ideas for a truly unique, personalized dulcimer.

Note: The soundhole designs below are integral to the design of Ron Gibson Mountain Dulcimers and are protected ©® as my intellectual property. These may not be used or produced in any manner for public or private use. 

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Hummingbird & Leaves


Mountain Ferns

Hummingbird & Vines

English f-Holes

Standard f-Holes


Feeding Hummingbirds

Maple Leaf


Medium Vines

Dragon Flies


Egytian F-Holes



Hearts & Circles

Cactus Cowboy

Coyote Cactus


Carolina Hummingbird


Heart & Vines

Cardinal & Vines

Dove & Vines


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